Paranormal Warehouse is a media company and paranormal social media community

It's the number 1 online community committed to promoting awareness of the paranormal. They provide an outlet to display your own findings while communicating with others who share the same passion and curiosity. 

In 2020 Daryl became a co-owner of this platform after working closely with Mike and Chris (the other co-owners) for the past two to three years. their relationship started because the american ghost hunter show was asked to broadcast on the paranormal warehouse facebook page.

today Paranormal warehouse has around 500,000 followers and broadcasts psychic/medium readings, paranormal investigations, podcasts and more. Not only on their facebook page but also their website and youtube site.

Chris and I could not have been more excited to have Daryl jump over to Paranormal Warehouse as a co-owner. We had been working with Daryl for years and we're so proud to see him start his time on Ghost Hunters. He is a genuinely nice guy, and I am excited to grow as a company with him on the team.

Mike Diamond






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